Monday, April 5, 2010

eva"s pups

These are Eva's pup on St. Patricks Day night around 730 p.m. Eva was laying on my husband on the couch and she starting to have a puppy he called me over and one white puppy was half out a bit later she delivered a little white puppy.Then she jumped off the couch with the puppy
with the pup still attached to her still the pup fell to floor then the last of the cord broke away then she started to walk away so my son put her on a chair in the living room.that we thought she picked for her pups.The pup on the floor we thought might not make it because it hit the floor so hard when she jumped down so i picked it up and started rubbing it and it seemed to be all right so i gave the pup to her and then she had another but she didn't want nothing to do with them she wouldn't feed ,so my husband went to the vet and got dry milk and bottles.Then my son and i put her on my bed because she likes sleeping on it.When my husband got back she started feeding so we put her and the 2 pups in a crate and closed the front because she kept trying to up on the bed with her pups that night.So we were worried that night she wouldn't feed my husband checked her around 1p.m. she seem to be feeding them then in the morning around 5a.m. i checked and i saw 2 dark brown ones., all healthy and doing.

pregnant Eva

this is Eva, (chihuahua) shes due anytime soon to have her pups i never owned a small dog before my last dogs were much bigger so i"m not to sure how many she will have.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eva and Einstein

we had Einstein first then we got Eva afew months later.We never had small dogs before just big ones so at first when my husband wanted these type of dogs i must admit i wasn"t to keen on the idea because i thought they just barked all day but they don't so i don"t mind them so much now


heres eva at halloween i wanted to dress her up but she hates clothes so all i could get her to wear was a scarf.


this eva shes around 3 months old when we got her to be with our chihuahua einstein .